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Bags, phones cases, and fun stuff like that 

About Destructogirl

Jamie, better known as Destructogirl, is a queer neurodivergent artist based in Denton, TX. Welcome to the home of all her creative chaos.

What else am I up to?

Recently my dad and I began the journey of launching a game design company! Click here here to go to his site and check out our new dice game Make It Six!

  • Why the name?

    Destructogirl is me!

    Years ago I was chatting with friends and coming up with our superhero/villain identities and I landed on Destructogirl

    ...a sort of mash up of Ramona Flowers and Harley Quinn

  • Did you make this?

    Yep! I make everything I sell. When it comes to shirts and stickers and such, I am not manufacturing those, but they do feature art drawn by yours truly. I just pay someone to print them on my behalf.

  • What is it made out of?

    Depends on the item, but the bulk of my items are epoxy resin or crocheted. Chains and such on jewelry items are stainless steel. Art is generally created digitally in Clip Studio Paint.

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